Saucy B Sauces

Saucy B Sauces

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Carolina Cherry B'lossom is a devil in disguise. Beneath the pain, there lingers aromas of sweet blossoms. What a pretty little liar!

Mango Bango - it's perfectly salty, sweet, sour and spicy. Enjoy this medium-spiced sauce with all your favourite stir frys and rice dishes, and just like that, Mango Bango!

Vampires B Gone! - This sauce represents our love of garlic. Enjoy this medium-spiced sauce with all of your favourite meats, roasted veggies and even, fruit! 

B-Sting is the original sauce that started it all. Smoky, sweet, with just the right amount of heat.

Baby B-Sting is intended for those that don't "think" they like hot sauce. It's all flavour, no heat. 


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